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Artist & designer

Philip WONG

My name is Philip Wong, I am an artist and designer.

I was born in Hong Kong and have been living and working in France since 2007.

Industrial designer, winner of the Red Dot Award Design in 2013, I first focused on

plastic products for mass distribution for 15 years.

Industrial-scale production constraints, such as investments in molding tools and material storage, have now led me to a radical shift towards artistic craft production whereby I master all the design and production stages by myself.


I have the advantage to combine occidental and oriental art into my production of funeral urns, adding brilliance and poetic scene.

Today my new professional orientation has brought me the mastery of traditional glass techniques:

cane blowing, painting, engraving, enamelling, all facets of this art of fire.

A unique urn enables your life to smell sweet and blossom.

2013 Red Dot design award : Flow radio
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