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The artist's work

Blow the soul out of the urn

Artisan glass blowing by hand is always very spectacular :

the high temperature environment, the intense tempo, the precise gesture combined together produce a fascinating urn as if composing a ballet dance.

With the aid of a mold, each urn made by Sleeping Angel is up to great precision.

The control of the breath and the hand of the artist play an important role to temper the glowing material.

When the glass cools down, the urn is hand-polished into a brilliant perfect urn.

It is time for the artist to impress his design onto your unique urn.

Precision and delicacy give the final resting place of the deceased a very special presence: that of eternal memory.

A final firing makes the artwork on the urn imperishable. Thus the ashes of the deceased rest in peace in the urn.

For our pets

100% Handmade
Made in France
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