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4L adult urn quotation

 Step 1

I'm listening to you…

Example: The story of Miling Tang

"My world revolves around my family...

  I have had a lot of health problems since I was little. I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. They gave me a lot of support.

Because of my health problems, it was not easy to get married and have children.

I feel grateful that I enjoy my family life and today I even have a granddaughter !


My sisters and brothers left Hong Kong years ago.

Occasionally I visited them in different countries. The trips reminded me of my childhood days when I spent a lot of time with them.  It is a great pleasure today to remember those days.


I would like to travel again and explore the world because life is a journey and you have to go all the way!"


Miling TANG – Hong Kong 2022

 Step 2

I draw three proposals…

Example: The 3 proposals for Miling Tang

proposition painting 01
proposition painting 02
proposition painting 03

 Step 3

You choose

Example: The choice of Miling Tang

final proposition before confirmation

 Step 4

I take action to produce

I finalize the enamel painting on the urn for its ultimate appearance.


A final confirmation from you...

And the work is fired at high temperature in the furnace.

 The history of your life will thus last eternally.

Unique and authentic: your last home

The example of the urn for Miling Tang - 2022
worldwide livrasion .jpg

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