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Sleeping Angel,
the new art of funeral

Sleeping Angel's blown glass cremation urns extend your presence into a priceless journey.

The unique and refined design helps you leave the memorial trace of your existence to your family and your loved ones.

Inspired by oriental culture, each glass urn brings its blessings to the family and the generations to come.

Emotion can slowly fade, art will retain memories.

Why have I created Sleeping Angel?

My friend's grandfather had kept his wife's urn next to his bed.

When he told me about it, I saw sadness in his eyes.


Death is sometimes brutal.

Perhaps we cannot escape the sadness that often accompanies it.

But our fondest memories remain.

The birthdays of our loved ones, the birth of new family members, our romantic encounters, weddings, the support of friends and family during difficult times, trips to foreign countries...


On the meadow, many flowers appear in spring and then fade in late summer.

Each of them is unique, follows the rule of nature.

Thus, thanks to each flower, the cycle continues.


I love painting in ink and watercolor. When I put the color on the paper, it diffuses in the water.

Each moment is then different, sometimes discreet, sometimes surprising.


Like our lives, our memories are unique.

So I imagined a new approach, a new support for mourning to recall life.

Telling about life and its memories means allowing the living to personalize their final resting place. Thanks to a special, unique urn:

a funeral urn that recalls the life of the deceased.

In China, cemeteries, coffins or urns bring their blessings to the family and the generations that follow. It also takes another look at death.

Sadness and fear can then be diluted.

In this spirit of the Orient, I first created a collection of urn that look like angels.

Consequently I give a brand name Sleeping Angel.

Philip, designer of Sleeping Angel

Philip WONG

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