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My dog, my beloved daughter

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

It was Christmas in 2007.

With my partner, we went to the mountains to smell the snow after lunch.

On the way back, we went to the SPA, by chance.

When we walked in, there were over fifty big dogs barking.

I caught a glimpse of a female dog, a little smaller than the others. She was very calm, she was looking at us.

When we moved towards the reception of the SPA, she followed us then she jumped onto the kennel roof. I approached the kennel, she stuck her head out and sniffed me.

In China there are many beliefs about animals, their unseen tie with human beings, I realized it was fate right away, she was my pet!

Every time I came home, she greeted me heartily, swaying her ass from left to right and gave me lots of kisses.

We spent a lot of time together in the mountains, in the woods, on the beaches…

I'm not someone who goes out a lot, especially since I'm in France.

Most of the time, I spent it with my dog.

Whenever I felt weak or in dispair, she was always there.

I didn't really talk to her, but I felt her support and warmth.

I missed my dog following the separation with my partner.

However, each time we met, she recognized me right away, with the same energy and the same cheerfulness.

When she died, my partner didn't collect her ashes. Maybe it was too sad for him.

So should we only keep our pets' ashes in a cardboard box or on a framed photo?

It would be a shame, wouldn't it!


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